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As part of our continuing commitment to our clients and our ever increasing product range, ADR Australia have selected a range of high quality products to complement our total product offering.

These associated products enable ADR Australia to offer our clients the full package.


Tow Eye's and Weld on Shanks

AAW PartDescriptionPull LoadABCDEFGHI
TE2765Tow Eye Swivel, 3000300025304227585309811030
TE2763Tow Eye Swivel, 60006000304563340105429814630
TE2764Tow Eye Swivel, 1400014000355060326120409013540
TE2771Tow Eye Swivel, 20000200003550763931255911016042
TE2770Tow Eye Swivel, 20000200004376763931257611015042
AAW PartDescriptionPull LoadABCDE
TE2767Tow Eye Fixed, 6000600030.54050 x 50370100
TE2766Tow Eye Fixed, 1400014000305240 x 70285130

Weld on Shanks and Balls

AAW PartDescriptionHole SizeBCDE
B310Shank Narrow 19mm3/4" (19mm)30524513
B311Shank Narrow 25.4mm1" (25.4mm)30595117
B328Shank Wide 22mm7/8" (22mm)62713516
B6329Shank Wide 25.4mm1" (25.4mm)71784420
B329Shank Wide 28.6mm1 1/8" (28.6mm)70783820
B2591Shank Wide 36.5mm1 7/16" (36.5mm)78864520
AAW PartDescriptionHole Size O.DWidth
B2461Shank Weld In 22mm7/8" (22mm)6712.5
B2462Shank Weld In 25.4mm1" (25.4mm)8019
B2463Shank Weld In 28.6mm1 1/8" (28.6mm)8019
B6690Shank Weld In 38mm1 1/2" (38mm)10025

Slew Rings

AAW PartDescriptionABCDHBall DiamItem WeightCapacity TonSpeed
SL2303Slew Ring 3003003152042105513850025kph
SL2304Slew Ring 40040041530431055131075025kph
SL2305Slew Ring 500500515444410551312100025kph
SL2306Slew Ring 600600590528500551316150040kph
SL2307Slew Ring 650650650568543551318170040kph
SL2308Slew Ring 700700700620585551320200040kph
SL2309Slew Ring 750750750668640651322220040kph
SL2310Slew Ring 800800800722695651323250040kph
SL2311Slew Ring 850850850770745651325300040kph
SL2312Slew Ring 900900900805775651331350040kph
SL2314Slew Ring 1000-6510001000902870651437450040kph
SL2316Slew Ring 1000-9010001008889856902060800040kph
SL2315Slew Ring 105010501050958930651439500040kph
SL2317Slew Ring 1100-80110011051005976801645650040kph
SL2319Slew Ring 1100-90110011009809489020651000040kph

Simol Parking Jacks

AAW PartDescriptionStatic LoadClosed HeightScrew StrokeDrop LegOpen Height
LT3103Jack S/W 1300kg Zinc1300430250 680
ST3154Jack T/W 1300kg Zinc1300535360 895
LT3153Jack T/W 1300kg Zinc1300560370 930
LF3101Jack S/W 1300kg Zinc1300430250 680
DG5903SFJack S/W 1500kg Zinc, Drop Leg15005953703401305
DG590ZJack S/W 1500kg Zinc1500530350 880
AAW PartDescriptionStatic LoadClosed HeightScrew StrokeDrop LegOpen Height
DG590Jack S/W 1500kg Painted1500530350 880
DG706Jack S/W 4000kg Painted4000620310 930
DG7063SFJack S/W 2500kg Painted, Drop Leg25006852902761251
PE600Jack T/W 1200KG Painted1200670300 970
K450Jack S/W 4500kg Painted, Drop Leg45007002803001280
KRA750Jack S/W 750kg Painted10000980450 1430
KRA1200Jack S/W 10000kg Painted10000980450 1430
LF/SF0121 - LF MountLT/ST0141 - LT/ST Tube MountDG1001300 - DG Mount DG706BKT HD - DG Heavy Duty Swivel


AAW PartDescriptionLoad PoundsLoad KilosGear Ratio
Hand Winch, Un-Braked, with cable and safety hook
RHW450Winch Un-Braked4502051 : 1
RHW900Winch Un-Braked9004093 : 1
RHW1200Winch Un-Braked12005454.1 : 1
RHW2000Winch Un-Braked20009098.8 : 1
Hand Winch, Braked, with cable and safety hook
RBW1200 Winch Braked 1200 545 4.25:1
RBW2000 Winch Braked 2000 909 8.8:1
RBW3500 Winch Braked 3500 1588 18.4:1
Electric Winch, 12V
AAW PartDescriptionLoad PoundsLoad KilosGear Ratio
REW2200Winch Electric,12V22001000153 : 1
REW3500Winch Electric,12V35001591261 : 1
REW6000Winch Electric,12V60002727210 : 1
REW9000Winch Electric,12V90004091210 : 1
Hand Winch with strap and hook
AAW PartDescriptionLoad PoundsLoad KilosGear Ratio
W273WWinch Un-Braked6052753 : 1
W654WWinch Un-Braked14306504 : 1
W900WBraked19809005 : 1
W115125WBraked253011501 : 1 , 5 : 1 , 12 : 1

Custom U Bolts and Accessories

Precision engineering and built to the highest quality standards, our Custom U Bolts will provide superior performance for your project. Available in a wide range of sizes, grades and bend types, custom built to meet your project requirements.

Our Custom U Bolts and Accessories are tested in Australia by NATA certified quality assurance screening and are ISO 9001-2008 approved.

Latches and Catches

AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Toggle Catches
Spring Catches
TOGSM95Toggle Fastener Small Zinc (Length 85m -95mm)SCZ12-130Spring Catch Zinc 1 with stop, Pin dia: 12mm Length: 130mm
TOGMD120Toggle Fastener Medium Zinc (Length 110m -120mm)SCZ12-136Spring Catch Zinc 2 with stop, Pin dia: 12mm Length: 136mm
TOGLG170Toggle Fastener Large Zinc (Length 150m -170mm)SCZ10-136Spring Catch Zinc 3 with stop, Pin dia: 10mm Length: 136mm
TOGNP220Toggle Fastener N Plastic Hook (Length 195 -220mm)SCZ12-170Spring Catch Zinc 4 with stop, Pin dia: 12mm Length: 170mm
TOGNP180Toggle Fastener Large N Plastic (Length 160 -180mm)SCZ-16MMSpring Catch Zinc 5 (16mm)
TOG112Toggle Fastener (Length 112mm)SCZ-19MMSpring Catch Zinc 6 (19mm)
SCZ9-132Spring Catch Zinc7 with stop, Pin Dia: 9mm Length: 132mm
SCZ4-32Spring Catch Zinc8 with stop, Pin Dia: 4mm Length: 32mm
SCZ6-90Spring Catch Zinc7 with stop, Pin Dia: 6mm Length: 90mm
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Toggle Stainless
Swivel Drop Locks
TOGSS145 Toggle Fastener Large Stainless (Length 125 - 145mm) HDLR Handle Swivel Pair (L + R) Drop Latch
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Drop Locks
Horse Float Locks
LB1AR Latch Bolt (Zinc Plated)DLOC-H1Horse Float 1
LB1SAR Latch Bolt Small (Zinc Plated)DLOC-H2Horse Float 2
LW1AR Latch Weld Large (Zinc Plated)
LW1SAR Latch Weld Small (Zinc Plated)


AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Hinge Steel Weldable
Butt Hinge Weldable
HI-G80Hinge Steel Weld, Greesable, 13x80mmHI-BTBHinge, Butt Black
HI-G100Hinge Steel Weld, Greesable, 16x100mmHI-LRHinge, Weldable L.R Galvanised
HI-G120Hinge Steel Weld, Greesable, 16x120mmHI-LR-2Hinge Left - Right Weldable
HI-G200Hinge Steel Weld, Greesable, 23x200mm

Shackles, Turnbuckles and Chain

AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Rated D-Shackles
Rated Bow-Shackles
DSR08ZD Shackle 8x10mm (Capacity .75 T) BSR08ZBow Shackle 8mm (Capacity .75 T)
DSR10ZD Shackle 10x11mm (Capacity 1.00 T) BSR10ZBow Shackle 10mm (Capacity 1 T)
DSR11ZD Shackle 11x13mm (Capacity 1.50 T) BSR11ZBow Shackle 11mm (Capacity 1.50 T)
DSR13ZD Shackle 13x16mm (Capacity 2.00 T) BSR13ZBow Shackle 13mm (Capacity 2 T)
DSR16ZD Shackle 16x19mm (Capacity 3.25 T) BSR16ZBow Shackle 16mm (Capacity 3.25 T)
DSR19ZD Shackle 19x22mm (Capacity 4.75 T) BSR19ZBow Shackle 19x22mm (Capacity 4.75 T)
DSR22ZD Shackle 22mm (Capacity 6.5 T) BSR22ZBow Shackle 22mm (Capacity 6.5 T)

Turnbuckles and Ratchets

AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Eye to Hook Zinc
Eye to Eye Zinc
TBUCK6EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 6x110mmTBUCK6EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 6mm
TBUCK10EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 10x125mmTBUCK8EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 8mm
TBUCK16EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 16x170mmTBUCK10EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 10mm
TBUCK20EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 20x220mmTBUCK12EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 12mm
TBUCK16EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 16mm
TBUCK20EETurnbuckle Eye- Eye 20mm
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Eye to Hook Stainless Steel
Eye to Eye Stainless Steel
TBUCK6EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 6x110mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK6EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 6mm Stainless Steel SS304
TBUCK8EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 8mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK8EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 8mm Stainless Steel SS304
TBUCK10EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 10x125mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK10EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 10mm Stainless Steel SS304
TBUCK12EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 12mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK12EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 12mm Stainless Steel SS304
TBUCK16EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 16x170mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK16EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 16mm Stainless Steel SS304
TBUCK20EHTurnbuckle Eye- Hook 20x220mm Stainless Steel SS304TBUCK20EESTurnbuckle Eye- Eye 20mm Stainless Steel SS304
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Hand Puller
Ratchet Winder
HPP1Hand Power Puller (1 tonne, 2 hook)LWNDR8Load Winder Ratchet Hook Type 6-8mm
HPP2Hand Power Puller ( 2 tonne, 2 hook)LWNDR10Load Winder Ratchet Hook Type 8-10mm
LWNDR13Load Winder Ratchet Hook Type 10-13mm
AAW Part Description
CB04Chain Black 4mm 25KG BAG 90 mtr
CB06Chain Black 6mm 25KG BAG 36 mtr
CB08Chain Black 8mm 25KG BAG 21 mtr
CB10Chain Black 10mm 25KG BAG 14 mtr
CB13Chain Black 13mm 25KG BAG 8 mtr
CB06GChain Galvanised 6mm 25KG BAG 36 mtr
CB08GChain Galvanised 8mm 25KG BAG 21 mtr
CB10GChain Galvanised 10mm 25KG BAG 14 mtr
CB06ZChain Zinc 6mm 25kg BAG 36 mtr
CB08ZChain Zinc 8mm 25kg BAG 21 mtr
CB10ZChain Zinc 10mm 25kg BAG 14 mtr
CB13ZChain Zinc 13mm 25kg BAG 8 mtr

Pins, Links and Hooks

AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Hitch Pin
HPIN Hitch Pin 5/8" With R Clip B8 R Pin 2mm suit 6-11 Shaft
B9 R Pin 2.5mm Suit 8-12 Shaft
B10 R Pin 3mm suit 10-12 Shaft
B12 R Pin 4mm Suit 12-22 Shaft
B13 R Pin 5mm suit 16-27 Shaft
B14 R Pin 6mm Suit 19-32 Shaft
B15 R Pin 7mm suit 15-38 Shaft
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Zinc Quick Link
Stainless Steel Quick Link
QCL04Quick Chain Link 4mmQCL04SQuick Chain Link 4mm Stainless SS304
QCL06Quick Chain Link 6mmQCL06SQuick Chain Link 6mm Stainless SS304
QCL08Quick Chain Link 8mmQCL08SQuick Chain Link 8mm Stainless SS304
QCL10Quick Chain Link 10mmQCL10SQuick Chain Link 10mm Stainless SS304
QCL12Quick Chain Link 12mmQCL12SQuick Chain Link 12mm Stainless SS304
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Square Clips
Lynch Pins
B6102Square Clip 8mm (Zinc Plated) B4 Lynch Pin 4.5mm (Zinc Plated)
B6103Square Clip 10mm (Zinc Plated) B2 Lynch Pin 6mm (Zinc Plated)
   B3 Lynch Pin 8mm (Zinc Plated)
B6 Lynch Pin 11mm (Zinc Plated)
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
Zinc Snap Hook
Stainless Steel Snap Hook
SNP04Snap Hook 4mm (Zinc Plated)SNP04Snap Hook 4mm Stainless Steel SS304
SNP06Snap Hook 6mm (Zinc Plated)SNP06Snap Hook 6mm Stainless Steel SS304
SNP08Snap Hook 8mm (Zinc Plated)SNP08Snap Hook 8mm Stainless Steel SS304
SNP10Snap Hook 10mm (Zinc Plated)SNP10Snap Hook 10mm Stainless Steel SS304
SNP12Snap Hook 12mm (Zinc Plated)
SNP14Snap Hook 14mm (Zinc Plated)

Draw Bar, Clevis and Top Link Pins

AAW Part Diameter Effective Length AAW Part Diameter Effective Length
B30771/2" (12.7mm)3 1/2" (88.9mm) B84101" (25.4)6 1/4" (160mm) 
B30785/8" (16mm)4 1/4" (108mm) B64101" (25.4)8 1/4" (210mm) 
B4083/4" (19mm)3 3/4" (95mm) B86621 1/8" (28.6)4 3/4" (120mm) 
B4043/4" (19mm)6 1/4" (160mm) B94121 1/8" (28.6)6 1/4" (160mm) 
B4057/8" (22mm)6 1/4" (160mm) B84121 1/8" (28.6)7 1/4" (185mm) 
B4101" (25.4)6 1/4" (160mm) B84131 1/8" (28.6)8 1/4" (210mm) 
B26621 1/8" (28.6)4 3/4" (120mm) B84151 1/4" (32mm)6 1/4" (160mm) 
B4121 1/8" (28.6)6 1/4" (160mm) B64151 1/4" (32mm)8 1/4" (210mm) 
B64121 1/8" (28.6)7 1/4" (185mm) B84161 3/8" (35mm)7 1/4" (185mm) 
B64131 1/8" (28.6)8 1/4" (210mm) B64161 3/8" (35mm)9 1/4" (235mm) 
B4151 1/4" (32mm)6 1/4" (160mm) B94171 1/2" (38mm)7 1/4" (185mm) 
B4161 3/8" (35mm)7 1/4" (185mm) B64171 1/2" (38mm)9 1/4" (235mm) 
B4171 1/2" (38mm)7 1/4" (185mm) B84172" (50mm)7 1/4" (185mm) 
    B64192" (50mm)9 1/4" (235mm)
AAW Part DiameterEffective Length AAW Part DiameterEffective Length
Clevis Pins
Heavy Duty Clevis Pin
B61043/16"3/4"B21075/8" (16mm)2" (51mm)
B51041/4"1"B1640 5/8" (16mm)3" (76mm)
B51055/16"7/8"B2747 3/4" (19mm)2 1/4" (57mm)
B51065/16"1 1/4"B54 7/8" (22mm)3 1/2" (90mm)
B51073/8"1 1/8"B215 7/8" (22mm)4 1/8" (105mm)
B51083/8"1 1/2"B7593 1" (25.4mm)2 1/2" (63mm)
B66717/16"1 5/16"B2161 1/8") (28.6mm)4 1/8" (105mm)
B51097/16"1 3/4"B25971 1/4" (31.75mm)4 1/2" (115mm)
B51101/2"2"B25171 7/16" (36.5mm)5 " (127mm)
B5103Assorted Pack, 90 piecesB35171 7/16" (36.5mm)8" (203mm)
AAW Part Linkage CatDiameterEffective Length
Top Link Pin
B6831CAT 05/8" (16mm)3" (76mm)
B75CAT 13/4" (19mm)3 3/8" (86mm)
B74CAT 13/4" (19mm)3 7/8" (100mm)
B77CAT 13/4" (19mm)4 3/4" (120mm)
B1200CAT 21" (25.4mm)3" (76mm)
B76CAT 21" (25.4mm)3 7/16" (88mm)
B81CAT 21" (25.4mm)4 1/2" (115mm)
B80CAT 21" (25.4mm)5 3/8" (137mm)
B2597CAT 31 1/4" (31.75mm)4 1/2" (115mm)
AAW Part DiameterEffective Length AAW Part DiameterEffective Length
B2971 CAT 1 - CAT 2 3/4" (19mm) 1" (25.4mm) B6832CAT 1 - CAT 23/4" (19mm) 1" (25.4mm)


AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
SN-OVA-1 Oversize Sign 1200 x 450mm SN-OVL Oversize Load Ahead, Sign 1200 x 600mm
SN-OVA-BAN Oversize Sign 1200 x 450mm, BANNER   
AAW Part Description AAW Part Description
SN-RBL-SReflective Board Left Sticker 1070 x 150mmSN-OTV4-SDo Not Ovetake Turning, Sticker 400 x 400mm Pair
SN-RBR-SReflective Board Right Sticker 1070 x 150mmSN-OTV4-ADo Not Ovetake Turning, 400 x 400mm Pair
SN-RBL-AReflective Board Left Aluminium Sign 1070 x 150mm
SN-RBR-AReflective Board Right Aluminium Sign 1070 x 150mm


AAW Part Description    
GAS250Strut 250 Nf 505mm Long x 8mm Shaft
GAS300-3Strut 300 Nf 315mm Long x 8mm Shaft
GAS300-7Strut 300 Nf 700mm Long x 10mm Shaft
GAS300-8Strut 300 Nf 830mm Long x 10mm Shaft
GAS350Strut 350 Nf 505mm Long x 8mm Shaft
GA350-4Strut 350 Nf 430mm Long x 8mm Shaft
GAS500-5Strut 500 Nf 505mm Long x 8mm Shaft
GAS500-8Strut 500 Nf 830mm Long x 10mm Shaft
GAS700.8Strut 700 Nf 830mm Long x 8mm Shaft

Our range is increasing all the time, please contact us for further availability.

The quality of a product is critical to the reliability and performance demanded by manufacturers and end users.